Another Moment for You!


At UKImotret we are passionate about capturing real and authentic wedding moments. Telling love stories through our lens. For us, photography is an art. There is something unique, special, and beautiful about every couple, every marriage, every family, and every love story. We would love to help you tell your story. We are based in Bali, but love traveling around Indonesia for weddings and photo shoots.

Bali Wedding Photographer


Nice To Meet You

I am a passionate, creative wedding photographer artist and big dreamer.  Whether it the secret language of the couple, the unspoken familiarity, to the smile that sticks in the corner of your lips – we only live for these little moments in time. 

Let your story unfold in our lens we give you a masterpiece in return.

Through our years of expertise in capturing moments, we wanted to see ourselves as storytellers, not just photographers. UKImotret presents its own uniqueness in the narrative of your love.

We’re not satisfied with trends or quick results, it’s all about your story.
We can tell you all the great things from taking your professional engagement sessions, from getting used to photographers and cameras to have sweet
documentation before you are officially married.

But the best reason is to take time out of your normal schedule and get the best date with your favorite people.
We love the concept of glamour as much as it is casual.

Whether it’s a sunny day or a tempting night, we’re open to your
suggestions and can’t wait to join!